Best Sellers of 1928 




1. The Bridge of San Luis Rey



The Bridge of San Luis Rey : On July 20, 1714, "the finest bridge in all Peru" collapses and five people die. Brother Juniper, a Franciscan missionary, happens to witness the tragedy, and as a result, he asks the central question of the novel: "Why did this happen to those five?" He sets out to explore the lives of the five victims, and to understand why they died. Ironically, his quest will lead to his own death.


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 2. Swan Song John Galsworthy



Swan Song John Galsworthy : The nine novels which make up The Forsyte Chronicles -- one of the most popular and enduring works of 20th century literature -- chronicle the ebbing social power of the commercial upper-middle class Forsyte family between 1886 and 1920.


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 3.  Wintersmoon by Hugh Walpole



 Wintersmoon by Hugh Walpole Story of the sisters Janet and Rosalind Grandison, and their interweaving lives surrounding a home in the English countryside


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4. The Greene Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine



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The Greene Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine . It focuses on the murders, one by one, of members of the wealthy and contentious Greene family: "The holocaust that consumed the Greene family", as detective Philo Vance memorably puts it. This is the third in the series of Philo Vance whodunits .


5.  Bad Girl by Vina Delman



Bad Girl by Vina Delman  a cautionary tale about premarital sex and pregnancy, which was adapted for both stage and screen. The book was the fifth best-selling work for that year. Bad Girl was considered so scandalous at first that it was even initially banned by booksellers in Boston.


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6. Claire Ambler by Booth Tarkington



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7. Old Pybus by Warwick Deeping



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8 All Kneeling by Anne Parrish



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9. Jalna by Mazo de la Roche



Jalna is the first of a 16-novel family saga about the Whiteoak family.The series tells the story of one hundred years of the Whiteoak family covering from 1854 to 1954. The novels were not written in sequential order, however, and each can be read as an independent story.


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10. The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg by Louis Bromfield



A novel of reincarnation


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Pulp magazine from 1928 . Amazing Stories magazine Was the world's first science fiction magazine


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